You're part of the body confidence revolution. Every individual can make a difference and help change attitudes to body confidence. 

Why get involved? 

Do you ever feel unhappy about the way you look? Have worries about your appearance ever stopped you doing something you wanted to do? You're not alone. Sixty per cent of people in the UK are ashamed of their appearance.

It's time we all got back in control of how we feel about our own bodies.

Practical things you can do 

Spread the word

One of the easiest and best ways to support Be Real is to talk about it. Join the conversation on Twitter, visit our Facebook page or download and share our resources

Speak out about what others are doing 

Support and talk about people and brands that are promoting body confidence and diversity - and challenge those who don't. 

Be a positive role model for children 

We want to give our children and young people a body confident start to life so that they can achieve everything they want to. We know that low body confidence can affect children as young as five so it's vital that we start tackling it from an early age. If you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister you can affect the way the children in your life think about their bodies. If you have responsibility for a child, ensure you set a positive example and encourage body confidence by using positive and avoiding negative language about your own body image or that of others. 

Give your friends real compliments

Everything you say about someone's appearance will have a positive or negative impact on the way they feel. 

Be a positive force for positive confidence

Support friends, family and colleagues to face down body anxiety and be have the confidence to make the most of life. 

Make informed choices 

You can make a difference by actively choosing to buy brands that support body confidence. See what our sponsors and supporters are doing as a starting point. 


Find out how to also get involved if you are a Business and organisation or a Professional